As a product owner, I was de connection between the final client. developers and directory. It was in my hands to make the gears turn


Create the software that walks to become the definitive solution for clinics, always focusing on user experience. The project, start from scratch, has evolved to meet the specific needs of each medical specialty.


 I had to assemble efficient team to face the challenge, and to achieve the result, after months of constant interaction with doctors, patients and technical staff, we built the reference in medical system in Brazil.


With a consolidated unique team we build the MedicalBox system, now has powerful modules that allow the management of processes in a clinic, sensitive data handling, autonomy and amazing user experience.


Technologies involved:

 JQuery, HTML5 with CSS3, Gulp, UI design, Layout, Artworks (Photoshop and CorelDRAW), marketing and SEO Client-Side (Front-End), AngularJS, Twitter Boostrap.

Java, Spring, Hibernate, Postgres, service-oriented architecture, environment with sensitive data, business intelligence. JavaScript, NodeJS, C ++, HTTPS.

My responsibility

I worked as responsible for the entire project, leading the teams of web development, mobile and design, direct contact with clients and board

  1. Raise functional and non-functional system requirements.
  2. Prototyping system user interfaces, defining the usability of the system.
  3. Responsible for technical mobile, web and design teams.
  4. Responsible for giving visibility to the board and stakeholders.
  5. Follow the deadlines, and keep to project running.

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